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Sherlock Holmes pastiches and reviews
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News About Sherlock Holmes Pastiches

Crime fiction roundup: Sherlock Holmes, Jack Reacher star in short stories
The Seattle Times
The latest in the thriving cottage industry of Sherlock Holmes pastiche — that is, writing in the style of the originals — it's one of the best examples of such that this die-hard Sherlockian has encountered. With only a few missteps, Faye perfectly ...

Avenue Mail

Crime-solving lessons from the Great Detective himself
Avenue Mail
Even nine decades after his original creator penned his last tale, the solver of mysteries, scourge of criminals, and saviour of the wrongly-accused is still busy at work. But in the thousands of Sherlock Holmes pastiches, there is one glaring omission ...

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Hartford Courant

'Anastasia' Deserved More Tony Nods; Long Wharf Next Season Shows
Hartford Courant
The comic playwright who concocted "Lend Me a Tenor" and "Moon Over Buffalo" turned out this Sherlock Holmes lampoon in 2015. You can find another Ken Ludwig Sherlock Holmes pastiche, "The Game's Afoot," at the Ivoryton Playhouse in November.

Lancashire Evening Post

Book review: The Affair of Lady Westcott's Lost Ruby and The Case of the Unseen Assassin by Gary Lovisi
Lancashire Evening Post
In a pair of intriguing novellas set in London in the 1890s, the deductive skills of Sherlock Holmes and his protégé, Inspector Alec MacDonald of Scotland Yard, are severely tested by a string of random killings of 'gentlemen of consequence,' and a ...


Sherlock Holmes Museum: Any Good, Or Elementary?
Each room is crammed with a mix of authentic furniture of the era and pastiche props. It's as though the ... Despite the name, the Sherlock Holmes Museum is very much an attraction rather than what most people would consider a museum. It is a house of ...

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