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Sherlock Holmes pastiches and reviews
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Auction listings for books with keyword: Sherlock Holmes Pastiches - Find the latest eBay listings for Sherlock Holmes Pastiches. Different items are usually displayed when the plural form of pastiche is used.
Auction listings for items with keyword: Sherlock Holmes Signed - Under Signed Sherlock Holmes you will discover other items on Ebay that the above keywords miss - usually though there are more non-related items to sift through.
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News About Sherlock Holmes Pastiches


Hellboy: Into the Silent Sea artist teases Victorian ghost story comic
It's the fun of the Hellboy character; you can mash up all of these things. You can take them all, and if you can mix this cocktail right, you'll have this great pastiche. It gives us a chance to play ... “canon” of those 50 stories, but 100 years ...

Publishers Weekly

The Whole Art of Detection: Lost Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes
Publishers Weekly
Actor Vance's reading of Faye's expertly rendered collection of “lost” Sherlock Holmes adventures is a delight for any fan of the Great Detective. Set in chronological order, the 15 stories compiled in this anthology cover Holmes from the beginning of ...

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New York Times

Robert Louis Stevenson Never Wrote This Novel. So Brian Doyle Did It for Him.
New York Times
In our own time, though, the dominant mode seems to have become overweening nostalgia for stories that loom so large in the cultural imagination they have almost assumed the property of myth — why else have so many competing versions of Sherlock ...

Free Press Journal

Uncovering the inspiration behind famous works of eminent writers ...
Free Press Journal
I read a lot and it is hence difficult for me to name one book that has affected me. But if I must choose just one than it would be the one I read recently, Sati by ...

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Sherlock Holmes pays a stealth visit to the Mayo Clinic in Larry Millett's new mystery
“There are literally thousands of Sherlock Holmes pastiches out there, because people never tire of him. I liked the idea of taking Holmes out of his normal element, and Minnesota seems to have its share of mysteries, so why not?' said Millett, who was ...

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