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Sherlock Holmes pastiches and reviews
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Auction listings for books with keyword: Sherlock Holmes Pastiche - Find the latest eBay listings for Sherlock Holmes Pastiche.

Auction listings for books with keyword: Sherlock Holmes Pastiches - Find the latest eBay listings for Sherlock Holmes Pastiches. Different items are usually displayed when the plural form of pastiche is used.
Auction listings for items with keyword: Sherlock Holmes Signed - Under Signed Sherlock Holmes you will discover other items on Ebay that the above keywords miss - usually though there are more non-related items to sift through.
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News About Sherlock Holmes Pastiches

Houston Chronicle

A lifelong Sherlock Holmes fan spins her own tales
Houston Chronicle
If Lyndsay Faye's name weren't on the cover, readers might deduce that the Sherlock Holmes mysteries in "The Whole Art of Detection" actually came from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Her 15 short stories expertly re-create the style and substance of the ...

Phoenix New Times

Sherlock Holmes Film Festival | Herberger Theater Center | Arts ...
Phoenix New Times
Let's measure Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's most iconic character, by the numbers. Sherlock Holmes is at the center of 56 short stories and four novels by...

and more »

London Free Press

Colourful tale good start to new series | The London Free Press
London Free Press
Yes, there already are plenty of Sherlock Holmes's pastiches, tributes and rip-offs in the crime fiction marketplace — but from the start of Vicki Delany's new ...

and more »

Phoenix New Times

7 Things to Do This Weekend for $20 or Less
Phoenix New Times
Sherlock Holmes is at the center of 56 short stories and four novels by Doyle, at least four non-canonical comic books, three or so TV shows, countless pastiches, and more than 30 films (though that might be a conservative estimation). You'll be happy ...


Lyndsay Faye: Storytelling Beyond The Literary Canon
Faye's latest book emerged from that influence. It's called The Whole Art of Detection--a pastiche of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, but her own Sherlock Holmes mysteries. "There are people who read the Sherlock Holmes mysteries; they read them and they ...

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