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Sherlock Holmes pastiches and reviews

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Sherlock Holmes Pastiches and Reviews: 
"The Adventure of the New York Ripper by Philip J. Carraher"

Dedicated to the World's First Consulting Detective:  Sherlock Holmes!

Here is the latest featured review of a Sherlock Holmes Pastiche:  The Adventure of the New York Ripper by Philip J. Carraher.

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The Adventure of the New York Ripper by Philip J. Carraher

Reviewed By Scott Harker

Wild frontier
Publisher:  Infinity, Copyright 2005, First Edition.

The Adventure of the New York Ripper by Philip J. Carraher takes place during the "Great Hiatus" - that three year period when Sherlock Holmes was traveling the world and presumably "dead." At some point during this time, Holmes arrives in New York City in America where he resides and solves mysteries under the name of Simon Hawkes.

The Story:  The case begins when Sherlock Holmes, who is living at the club called The Dead Rabbit Society is playing chess with Kyosuke Ikegami. Ikegami is preoccupied with money concerns as his livelhood has been threated due to Asian bigotry (Yellow Peril). This sets up a subplot for Holmes to follow later. The game is interrupted by a New York Detective named Cullen who wishes Hawkes help with a murder.

A woman has been slain - a prostitute in a method most foul. In fact, the crime is similar to the series of prosttitute slayings enacted by London's Jack the Ripper.

As Hawkes (Holmes) investigates the New York Ripper murders, he requests and receives, via Mycroft Holmes, the crime notes of the London police's Jack The Ripper case. The murders do indeed seem to be similar. Is Jack now in America? Or is it a case of a copycat murderer?

The Writing:  Philip J. Carraher writing is terse and clear. This is the third book by the author chronicling the adventures of Holmes as Simon Hawkes in New York City. Each book has built on the last - giving a better and better characterization of Sherlock Holmes. The Jack the Ripper elements are well intergrated into the plot. The final resolution to the New York murders is satsifactory.

The Rating:  ... I am giving this novel, a rating of 4 "Pipes." This is an enjoyable Sherlock Holmes pastiche. A nice plot with good deductions along the way.

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News About Jack The Ripper

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Chilling moment Siberian 'Jack the Ripper' who 'butchered 19 women' shows cops how he 'strangled' prostitute
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THIS is the chilling moment a man dubbed Russia's Jack the Ripper shows cops how he strangled his alleged victims before decapitating them and mutilating their bodies. Ex-policeman Evgeny Chuplinsky, 52, who is "happily married" to a well-known dentist ...
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Du Lac & Fey: Dance of Death is a story-driven adventure game set in 19th century London. It stars Sir Lancelot Du Lac, immortal knight, and Morgana Le Fey, a sorceress cursed to inhabit a canine form. It's currently on Kickstarter, with developer ...


Deadly Descendants: Local man says he is related to 'Jack the Ripper'
He's out to prove Holmes was also "Jack the Ripper." "Jack the Ripper, three to five horrible murders he committed in London. That was JV stuff. This man was the personification of evil. If there was a picture of pre-meditated murder, it should be my ...

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Sentinel Offers A Killer "Fate/Grand Order" Jack The Ripper Figure
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It's almost Christmas, and Fate/Grand Order's (and /Apocrypha and /strange fake - sort of) Jack the Ripper has been a good girl this year. So, here's your chance to bring the young lady, if not home for the holidays, then at least home later in 2018 ...

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Philippine Star

Were HH Holmes, the serial killer, and Jack the Ripper the same person?
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In the History Channel series American Ripper, the serial killer's great-great grandson relates how he unraveled the mystery that has baffled the world for decades.More than 200 people in the USA were killed by the serial killer suspected to be also ...
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